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UPDATE: ENHANCING DETECTION OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING ACT Nearly a year ago I introduced the “Enhancing Detection of Human Trafficking Act” with bipartisan support and we successfully passed it through the U.S. House. Our legislation combats the inhumane practice of human trafficking by providing better training for front-line inspectors to spot and report this criminal activity. Hopefully the U.S. Senate will vote on our important bipartisan legislation soon.
Thanks to your continued support, we have filed to run for re-election. We are full speed ahead to November with the help of our dedicated team of volunteers and supporters. Read more about our announcement in the Monroe News:
Thanks to the Branch County Republican Party for putting on another successful Lincoln Day Dinner. Last night was the 123rd annual!
BIPARTISAN LEGISLATION TO COMBAT THE OPIOD EPIDEMIC We are making progress on this bipartisan legislation to turn a tragedy into a concrete action to combat the opioid epidemic. I am grateful to my colleagues for their help, particularly Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Senator Joe Manchin. Though they are Democrats and I’m a Republican, we are united in our commitment to stop these heart-wrenching overdoses.
For Monroe County residents, please share with those you know who were affected by the recent flooding.