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Congratulations to Bishop Ira Combs of Jackson for being appointed to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. He is a hardworking, thoughtful, valuable leader in our community. Liberal activists do not believe Bishop Combs should even be allowed to be a voice at the table because he is a conservative Republican. This liberal intolerance is out of control.
In the House I have voted for appropriations bills, funding for CHIP (twice), and for government funding. This shutdown was avoidable, and it is time for the Senate to do its job. #SchumerShutdown
Remember when Nancy Pelosi called our tax cut "the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress', "the end of the world" and "Armageddon". The results of our tax relief plan are pay raises for hardworking Americans and positive economic news.
Despite the doomsday rhetoric, the reality of tax reform tells a different story: Bonuses, higher wages, and long overdue relief for hardworking Americans.