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Excited to have Lara Trump with us two weeks before the election. Let us know you're coming,, See you Oct. 23 at 4:00pm in Monroe!
Gretchen Driskell has zero legislative accomplishments to her name, so she resorts to running dishonest ads, including the absurd claim that I admitted to being "bought and paid for." This liberal attack line was debunked 10 years ago by the Jackson Citizen Patriot. She's that desperate. Considering Nancy Pelosi has spent $600,000 to elect Gretchen Driskell, she may want to avoid a discussion of who is "bought and paid for." Please SHARE to help spread the truth:
I enjoyed my time at the NAACP Candidate Forum in Adrian, Michigan last night.
“As a young person, everyone assumed I was a democrat, including myself. However, when I had the opportunity to intern for a democrat, I dug into the issues and I realized that Congressman Walberg’s message resonated more with me. I believe in personal liberty and freedom and Congressman Walberg works hard to protect freedoms for everyone.” -Hassan #IVOTE4TIM
"As an entrepreneur, I am proud to support Tim Walberg. I know him to have outstanding integrity and character. And I am thankful to know he has the back of small business owners like me.” - Amy, #IVOTE4TIM