Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility

The federal government needs to live within its means.

- Tim Walberg

Tim Walberg understands the $26 trillion and climbing national debt threatens the future of our country and causes a significant portion of our federal budget to be used for simply paying interest on this debt. Tim has voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment to force the federal government to live within its means, and he voted for fiscally responsible budgets that dramatically reduce the deficit and place our government on a path to long-term balance. Tim's Taxpayers Right-To-Know Act passed the House, and would provide an online inventory containing program description and expenses by various agencies, increasing transparency and allowing easier identification of waste. Additionally, he voted repeatedly to reduce spending, including introducing and passing a bipartisan amendment on the House floor, with the help of Democrat colleagues, to cut spending to a wasteful Afghanistan Rebuilding Fund.

With unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances, Congress and President Trump passed through emergency bills, which provided desperately-needed relief to Americans, but has further highlighted the need for Congress to pass budgets in a fiscally responsible manner moving forward.

Tim Walberg is dedicated to preserving and strengthening Social Security and Medicare. He introduced a lockbox bill, to preventing the raid of these funds citizens paid into and expect during their retirement years.