Fixing the Biden Crises

Fixing the Biden Crises

We must correct course by reversing the policies implemented by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi which have cut into our nation's security and prosperity. It's time for commonsense solutions.

- Tim Walberg

From nearly the moment Joe Biden took the Oath of Office, he has enacted policies that harm everyday people financially, risk our national security, and often put America last.

From the inflation reverberating throughout the economy to the price at the gas pump to America’s strategic interests on the national stage, it is time to set a new course and implement policy solutions.

While President Biden has taken the country down the wrong path, Tim has been fighting in Congress to correct blunders and protect constitutional rights. As a member of the influential Energy & Commerce Committee, Tim has been a leading figure in crafting legislation to protect America’s energy interests and regain our energy independence. He’s also championed legislation to reduce inflation and encourage the government to live within its means.

Border security remains a top priority for Tim as he helped the House pass H.R. 2, Secure the Border Act, the strongest border security bill in history that will help slow the ever-increasing fentanyl which pours across our border daily.

Tim has also successfully authored an amendment signed into law to provide accountability for the debacle in Afghanistan and other amendments to bolster border security.

Respecting the Constitution, unleashing American energy independence, fiscal responsibility, and peace through strength are all proven policies. As a proven leader, Tim knows how to get the job done and fix the many crises created by bad governance.