Driskell Campaign Caught Airing False TV Ad While Attacking Small Business Relief

Driskell Campaign Caught Airing False TV Ad While Attacking Small Business Relief

Perennial candidate Gretchen Driskell released a partisan attack ad that is riddled with untruths, inaccurate citations, and belittles a bipartisan small business relief program that supported over a million jobs in Michigan.

Her attack ad displayed a false claim that Congressman Tim Walberg “voted for a $500 billion slush fund” but cites two bills that do not support her assertion. At the bottom of the screen, Driskell cites H.R. 6800, which Walberg voted against, and H.R. 7010, which did not add any money to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Tim Walberg did vote for the Paycheck Protection Program, a small business relief initiative established under the CARES Act with nearly unanimous support in Congress, including every Democrat in the Michigan delegation. To date, the PPP has supported 51 million American jobs, including 1.6 million jobs in Michigan and over 40,000 jobs in Michigan’s 7th District.  

“Throughout this pandemic, my top priorities have been getting resources to medical professionals and providing relief for Michigan families, workers, and small businesses,” said Tim Walberg. “During challenging times, we need to come together to deliver for the American people, and I will continue to seek bipartisan solutions to help our communities rebuild and recover.”
“After losing twice for Congress, Dishonest Driskell still can’t get her facts straight,” said Mike Rorke, Walberg for Congress Campaign Manager. “Her latest attack ad includes two factually false citations and wrongly claims Walberg voted for a bill that he actually voted against because it had a $3 trillion price tag containing special interest giveaways unrelated to COVID-19.”
“In addition to her dishonesty, it is stunning that Gretchen Driskell would seemingly launch anti-jobs attacks against the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program, and the assistance that this legislation brought to working families and small businesses in Michigan,” Rorke continued. “While Gretchen Driskell continues to mislead and criticize bipartisan efforts keeping Americans employed and small businesses open, Tim Walberg will remain focused on providing results for Michiganders.”