Walberg Campaign Releases New TV Ad: "Combating Heroin"

Walberg Campaign Releases New TV Ad: "Combating Heroin"

Jackson, MI - The Walberg for Congress campaign today released a new television ad that highlights Tim's bipartisan work in Congress to combat the heroin epidemic in communities across Michigan's 7th District.

In the ad, Mike Hirst from Jackson County, tells his personal story about the tragic loss of his son, Andy, from a heroin overdose. Following his son's passing, Mike founded Andy's Angels to raise awareness in the community and help those suffering from addiction.

"When Tim showed up on the Congressional floor this January and talked about Andy's Angels, our Foundation, I knew we were getting somewhere," Mike Hirst said in the ad.

"He's out there fighting for us. The legislation that's out there you'll see it's all bipartisan. You'll see that Tim's leading that charge. Tim is able to work with the other side," Mr. Hirst continued. "He's out there doing this because it's the right thing to do. And we need more of that in this country."

"I'm honored to know Mike Hirst and grateful for his courageous leadership to combat the heroin epidemic. I'm proud to be a member of a bipartisan task force focused on what we can do to tackle the drug problem facing our communities. Together, we can all make a difference for our community and help people in need," said Walberg.