Walberg speaks at Republican women’s luncheon

Walberg speaks at Republican women’s luncheon

From: Hillsdale Daily News

HILLSDALE — Congressman Tim Walberg (R—Tipton) was the guest speaker Thursday during the Hillsdale County Republican Women’s luncheon at Johnny T’s Bistro in Hillsdale.

After lunch, Walberg spoke to the group about the current political climate across the nation, the upcoming presidential election and COVID-19.

Walberg said while bigger cities like Ann Arbor and Detroit remain largely Democratic demographics, the rest of the state, from what he has observed, is “Trump country” and said he believes President Donald Trump will win Michigan in November.

Regarding polling, Walberg said many unions, which typically value Democratic candidates, have “come to love Trump.”

Although Walberg admitted Trump’s personality can be challenging, the Trump family are not viewed like typical millionaires or billionaires, he said.

“They’re looked at like the neighbors next door,” Walberg said.

The comment was made when Walberg referenced a recent visit to an opioid-addiction recovery house in Jackson with Eric Trump earlier this week.

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